Life on board is a true blue adventure in itself. Imagine a day of cruising, where the captain takes you and the boat between places of natural beauty, finding the best spots for anchoring. You have the choice of how you would like to spent the day. Swimming or snorkling in crystal clear water, enjoying the sun, or finding a cosy place in the shade to read a book or just nap.

In the ships galley there is always something delicious going on, and the cook is preparing lovely meals for you to enjoy.

Evenings can be spent as you like either partying or relaxing, watching the night fall over the silent lagune where the ships has anchored for the night. You can choose to slep outside on the sundeck falling asleep under a magic cover of shining stars.

You can wake up at dawn, experiencing the breathtaking moment of the sunrise, as the stars are fading and the first glowing light of day makes the archipelago come to life in golden colours.

Begin the day with a refreshing morning swim, and waking up in the clear warm water you can look foreward to the first cup of freshly made coffee or tea.

We are prepared to make arrangements for your entertainment on board before your arrival, or let the captain know what you true blue adventure should contain, and we can make things happen. If it is possible we can do it.