Chartering your own boat for a blue cruise, is a true blue adventure. We have a boat for all kinds of purposes, and a price for all kind of budgets.

Let us be your partner in providing the boats, the information you need, the special facilities you would like to be present on your boat. In understanding that a holiday of one week or maybe 4 nights might be the most important time of your year, we believe that we can make your blue cruise adventure happen.

At Dümen Yachting we have a broad experience, haven been in the Blue Cruise Business for about 30 years. For us it is a passionate lifestyle, and we believe in our ability to guide and provide what you desire. As a turkish/danish couple we have been working “hands on” for many years as captain and hostess on board some of the boats. We know what we talk about – do not hesitate to ask questions and request. Contact us today!

If it is possible – we do it !

Please have a look at our beautiful boats below.